essemian (essemian) wrote,

I serve - see video-proof!

Me and my current Owner (not in this group yet) have a video-store on, see our profile here, profile's anme is moneyslave (I can belive it was still free to take!!) There are very affordable and very competitively
priced, compare to most of the other stores there! I'm a cheap slave, what can i
say ;-)
I run it but it's linked to Her bank no worries, I'm not getting a
single cent form these videos. Although that's my stupid face and skinny ass in
it and each video had cost me several hundreds of dollars in tributes to make
them. I had to pay for the privilege to have me paraded on-line worldwide...oh
well, I love every minute of it, anyway ;-)
Thank You all for consideration
Key-words: Femdom, financial slave, female supremacy
Tags: female supremacy, femdom, financial slave
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