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Thursday, June 25th, 2015

Subject:What is a Female Led Relationship, wife led relationship, woman led relationship?
Time:11:01 am.
Read about it here: http://aboutflr.com/What-Is-FLR.html
"FLR spans the gambit from bossy women shaking things up at home to voluntary ruler/slavery. We divided FLR into 4 segments for discussion. 1) Low key female leadership where a woman leads informally and derives little benefit from leadership and has some interest in FLR. 2) Moderate female leadership where women formally lead with benefit but have little/small interest in kink and moderate interest in formal FLR. 3) Formal FLR where the woman has taken control of the [5 food groups] (element one can control), has an interest in some or perhaps all kink and has a high interest in formal FLR. Lastly 4) Extreme FLR where the woman is elevated to ruler and has a high interest in kink and formal FLR and the man is reduced to a slave. Each of these levels likely has a place where women natural nurture, give and serve their partners at some level."
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Tuesday, June 9th, 2015

Subject:Jasmuheen Pranic Festival August 2015
Time:9:25 am.
Jasmuheen sharing a little on the upcoming Pranic Festival
On YouTube: https://youtu.be/tUkcqGA0Eqc

USA – 8th–10th August 2015 – Pranic Living Festival – San Francisco, California – August 2015 Hosted by Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan & The School of Dan Tian Wellnes - email Info@PranicFestival.org for more OR go to:
http://pranicfestival.org/registration/   and to receive a great discount type in " Jas111 " discount code when booking - love to see you there!
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Monday, May 18th, 2015

Subject:When is a Femdom slave ready...?
Time:2:06 pm.
Depends, I guess...this is a "Slave checklist" I found by a chance on google ;-)

The process of becoming slave requires several things, including:

1. Learning complete obedience

2. Accepting being who you are no matter what that is

3. Doing with your life whatever, whoever, whenever you are ordered, forever

4. Giving up all claim to a self

5. Growing in the perfect fertile environment for a slave

6. Being a part of a family of slaves

7. Allowing yourself to experience that there is a higher power that will run your life

The person who does the developing has to:

1. Be the one who was given who you are

2. Have as his sole objective first the development, then management of your slavery

3. Be internally sworn to always act in the slave's best interest, for life

4. Know how to give slavery

5. Have accepted his own destiny, and be following the Universe's orders, intentionally

If any of the above elements is missing, then you are arranging a relationship, not pursuing your destiny as a slave. Either process is legitimate, but different. If you were given your own purpose, you should arrange your own relationships. If your purpose was given to another, you should never arrange your own relationship. You either were created to be slave, or you were not.

To decide if you are ready, determine:

1. Whether or not you were given your own purpose or it was given to another.

2. If you have developed personally to the point that you are independently successful, and don't need a relationship to "make" you successful.

3. If you are willing to give your personal success away for what your creator wants you to do, no matter what that is.

4. If slavery is now your first, and best, choice of what to do in life, not a second or "also ran" alternative.

5. That you have had enough experiences with what doesn't work that you won't go through your slavery development constantly looking over your shoulder at what might be better.

6. That you don't have a hidden agenda and are capable of finally wanting ONLY what another wants for the rest of your life.

7. If you have the commitment, perseverance and dedication to do whatever is required to first become, and then live your slavery.

8. If you will let yourself become proud of your slavery, first to yourself, then others, and then to the world.

9. If you are willing to accept the responsibility of being a leader in life, and of doing what it requires to be great, in obedience.

10 If you are willing to accept being a non-human creature incapable of committing an immoral act, ever, for the rest of your life.

Becoming slave is not a battle of the wills, or of the egos. It is accepting that the only will you have or want is your owner's will, and there is only one will.

Before beginning, REVIEW:

1. Personally and privately where you currently are in light of the above requirements

2. With friends, potential slave brothers, family and others whose opinion you respect

3. With the man you think was created with your purpose

Only then is it time to arrange the first session. In most cases you will know after the first session whether or not you are slave, or have the ability to become what you were created to be. You also have to be willing to accept the truth about that.
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Thursday, July 31st, 2014

Subject:Financial Domination explained (video)
Time:8:33 pm.
Maybe for the novice slave...? Anyway, the moneyslave concept explained by a Real Financial Dominatrix. Here:
Enjoy your August everybody!
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Monday, May 5th, 2014

Subject:Femdom rules for voluntarily slavery.
Time:8:06 pm.
I did NOT write this (those of you who know my writing probably can tell ;-). Just found it on-line. Written by guy named Richard, who runs this webpage:
I could not agree more! Well written...

10 rules for voluntarily slavery.

A slave must be honest from the moment he begins communicating with a Domme. Never lie about relationships, experience level or anything else.
A slave will seek to understand want he wants and needs and to know the difference between the two.
A slave needs to realize some fantasies will never be more than just that. And that some of his fetishes may not strike a responsive chord within her.
A slave has a duty to act as an intelligent human being.
A slave repays a Domme’s attention with respect, humility and obedience. This is inherent in the nature of the relationship.
A slave always communicates his feelings as clearly as possible.
If the slave feels that his needs aren’t being met he will confess that respectfully without seeming to make demands.
A slave will watch to see if his Domme is tired or not feeling well and focus on her comfort, not on having a session.
A slave should never think of a Domme as a torture and humiliation machine. That is objectifying her.
A slave will remember that D/s is a relationship between people. He will strive to never forget that the Domme is a human being. That regardless of the power relationship thoughtless behavior on his part can inflict emotional hurt on the other person.

Civility, honesty and honor sum it up.
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Saturday, November 30th, 2013

Subject:Can a moneyslave slave sue a Money Domme?
Time:5:04 pm.
"Man Slaps Ex-Girlfriend With $200,000 Bill After She Rejects His Marriage Proposal"
Now that's what I call an Loser with a capital L...what a moron! What did he think is going to happen? She would just keep on draining anyway! He never heard of Financial slavery/servitude & Money Dommes? Goddesses do NOT marry their slaves...especially when the slave is like 1/4 of century older than the Mistress. Some of these guys...so damn dumb.
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Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

Subject:Find a Cleaning slave!
Time:2:45 pm.
And "Never Ever Pay for a Cleaning AGAIN!!
Find your local cleaning slave HERE! Offer your cleaning servitude to potential interested parties, 18+ only!
Share you cleaning slave stories and/or media! "
I have just started another Facebook page, this one dedicated to cleaning slaves.


It's not just Femdom but realistically if one will look for an cleaning slave then it will be only a male slaves offering themselves there...and looking for a Women to serve too. At least that's how I see it. Will see how it goes, i can always change the name of that page to reflect more Femdom orientation, with a hint of a Financial Servitude as well ;-)
Well, give it a Like, if you want, thank you, peter :-)
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Thursday, July 11th, 2013

Time:4:04 pm.
Financial Slavery was in the Czech news! But not in a positive way :-/
A young financial Domme put out an ad looking for a monyeslave. A loser writes back and is all about money-slavery and what not. She starts training him on-line, orders him to get naked for Her on webcam/Skype etc. But the douche-bag does not pay, says he's broke etc. They're both from Moravia (me too), which is a poorer of Czech rep. - those of you who read my book know this but still, what a loser. So She gives him some sound financial advice, like "get a loan and credit card, loser" because She finally wants to be paid for Her time spent with him, right? So She tells him he needs to cough up some cash or else She will blackmail him, put those videos from webcam o YouTube (not that it would stay there for more than few minutes, but we know what She meant...) and so on. And what does he do? He says he had an mental breakdown and calls an "Abuse hot-line". They in turn the call Police and Cops follow Her electronic foot-steps (it's not like She tried to keep it secret) and come to Her place and arrest Her!! I kid you fucking not...and then some "expert", man of course, says to the News that the "poor guy had the same emotional distress comparable to rape." Wow...it does not matter that he was the one contacting Her and had no problems when it came to getting naked and jerking of on the web-cam, but when he had to pay? Oh no, he feels so emotionally raped.
Turns out the young Lady just finished a College, so She is around 21 and the the loser is 23 or so. And it was also reported by the Czech Police that She had a breakdown at the Police, after being told She can get 4 years in jail!! Well no fucking wonder...there She is thinking She will find HerSelf a slave to have fun with and get some money as well - and he agrees to all of it!! - but then he does not pay a single Czech Koruna (1$ buys 20 of those things) and calls Cops on Her!
I do not know how this case continues...I hope it will be dismissed. And what are the chances that the asshole is back in action promising to pay and jerking off while thinking how cool it was to be "blackmailed until a breakdown...". What do you think? F..ing nuts, huh?

Just for the reference, links t5o the Czech news - you could see that males are being jerks there while Women get it and see the loser for what he is..a total absolute ass that promised something and did not fulfill it. And then claims to be a victim!!
And here I commented, twice; as me (peter otrok) and my Facebook group...like me, please ;-)
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Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

Subject:My e-book about financial slavery
Time:1:02 pm.
My new e-book (first under this name - peter Otrok - and first one about Financial Domination/submission). It's a true story and quite different from the usual Femdom fantasies... I think you a/All could like it.
And Ladies can always put it in Their Wishlist and have slaves buy it for them, right ;-)

Or 5 cents cheaper on SamshWords:

Thank you for consideration :-) And I also now have an Facebook page that can be liked!
slave peter :-)

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Saturday, April 13th, 2013

Subject:I serve - see video-proof!
Time:10:16 pm.
Me and my current Owner (not in this group yet) have a video-store on
clipvia.com, see our profile here, profile's anme is moneyslave (I can belive it was still free to take!!)
http://moneyslave.clipvia.com/ There are very affordable and very competitively
priced, compare to most of the other stores there! I'm a cheap slave, what can i
say ;-)
I run it but it's linked to Her bank account...so no worries, I'm not getting a
single cent form these videos. Although that's my stupid face and skinny ass in
it and each video had cost me several hundreds of dollars in tributes to make
them. I had to pay for the privilege to have me paraded on-line worldwide...oh
well, I love every minute of it, anyway ;-)
Thank You all for consideration
Key-words: Femdom, financial slave, female supremacy
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Sunday, April 7th, 2013

Subject:Another e-book is out! Kindle book about Breatharian lifestyle.
Time:2:01 pm.
Still not about Female Supremacy and/or Financial slavery but I'm working on one!
This Kindle e-book is about Breatharianism, which is something I have been involved in for about 10 years now. And Breatharian Diet could be of an interest of a Dommes who want to save some money of their slaves diets ;-) Just saying...it works for me! And here it is:
It's under yet another pseudonym and while is there is not a direct mention of Goddess Worship and/or Femdom, it IS dedicated to a Woman ;-) Her name is Jasmuheen, I think I write about Here here before...
And I also have an connected Facebook page which you can like. Once I have that Moneyslave e-book out, I will have a dedicated FB fan Page as well...stay tuned!
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Wednesday, March 13th, 2013

Subject:My Kindle e-book about Panhandling!
Time:2:27 pm.
It's out!
Not the usual topic of my blog but you will still find related stuff there...and if you wanna know more about me and my life and experience as a beggar, then please, go ahead! It's cheap - but I will change the price to 2.99 soon, then I'll be eligible to enroll in some Kindle program that allows free borrowing etc. Either way, dirt cheap...
And I do plan to write an Financial Slavery e-book as well! I figured it's best to learn on something like this...so stay tuned, I guess :-)
Thank You!
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Friday, February 1st, 2013

Subject:February should be Black Financial Dominant Appreciation Month.
Time:10:57 pm.
Interesting thought from one of our male members in the Human ATM group on Yahoo. Link is:
Not sure if I agree with the sentiment (it sounds bit racist if you ask me, but what do I know, I'm originally from eastern Europe ;-), but it's an interesting thought and I'm adding half a dozen of images of Black Womyn and monies...hope you like it.

                      February should be Black Financial Dominant Appreciation Month.
Among the mainstream of the U.S.A the month of February is also known as Black History Month.

Among those of us involved in the art, practice and interest of financial domination we should consider February as Black Financial Dominant Appreciation Month.

A perfect time for those within the art, interest and practice of financial domination to show appreciation for Black Financial Dominants.

For White Submissive Money Slaves, I happen to believe that as a racial category you can find no better financial dominant to enhance your submissive personality and desire to submit than to a Black Financial Dominant.

Lets consider February as Black Financial Dominant Appreciation Month.
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Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

Subject:Lesbian couple makes man their money-slave!
Time:4:38 pm.
Here is an interesting Financial Slavery idea ;-) Child support claim rankles sperm donor to lesbian couple:
Sounds awesome, IMHO. I guess some Women enjoy Financial Domince more if they know the slave does not enjoy it at all....hmmm, Evil ;-) Yay for Dominant Lesbians!

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Thursday, November 1st, 2012

Subject:Who am I going to vote for?
Time:8:13 pm.
Not sure how many of you guys wonder, lol, but I plan to vote for Ms. Jill Stein,
candidate for the Green Party of USA. I'm registered to vote in MA which will go Democratic no matter what and given the Electoral College mess, my vote is not counted beyond the Massachusetts borders, so why not vote for someone I can actually respect and have more things in common! And vote for Jill Stein and her running mate is a vote for all-Female ticket!
Essemians for Jill Stein :-)
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Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

Subject:Happy September to everyone.
Time:1:32 pm.
Note from our Yahoo Financial slavery group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/humanatm/
Important things to remember this month:

1. September 11. Memorial to those almost 4,000 innocent and unarmed people murdered and the tens of thousands of those directly injured or traumatized by Jihads practicing their religion. Think of what you were doing at the time.

2. Continue to make efforts to have money flowing into the hands of true FD's. While at the same time, make September the month you will say "No!" to the porn sites that promote fake fin dom. And say "No!" to the cam show entertainers who claim to be financial dominants but are not.

3. Make September the month to appreciate the very few true financial dominants.

4. Are a financial dominant? Encourage and support your money slave(s) Show your appreciation for their dedication, loyalty and love for you.

5. Make September the best month in 2012 for financial domination.
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Sunday, August 26th, 2012

Subject:Greedy Woman: She WILL DRAIN YOU INTO DEBT!
Time:3:31 pm.
Princess Skittles Firehawk wrote to my Yahoo group called Human ATM on:
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/humanatm/  the following:
im looking for wealthily piggies who can see me locally or have amazon and
paypal and credit cards i will make sure you go into debt and drain every last
penny i do not care about you or what it does to your life message me on yahoo
with how much i have to drain"

And I think it's one of the best Financial Domination ad ever! What do you think? Are Y/you a Member there as well?
The address again is: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/humanatm/
I really do not know how else to tell you that, guys... :-)

Greedy Woman...She does not care how much in debt Her slaves are. LOL :-)
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Friday, February 10th, 2012

Subject:FemDom Short Movie!
Time:7:43 pm.
Great Female Empowerment short movie on YouTube, believe it or not! Kind of silly but still nice and definitely NOT EXPLICIT! I hope you all will enjoy it :-)


Key words: Female supremacy short movie about dominant Woman bad husband bossy wife Goddess Women Essemian religion woman centered worship of Females
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Sunday, June 12th, 2011

Subject:Matriarchal Society in Ancient Times
Time:3:46 pm.

Written by Supreme Goddess La Reigna

With only a small amount of research anyone can find evidence and proof that the world used to be ruled by Women, or at least that Females were worshiped and respected as being the givers and nurtures of life and creation. Evidence shows that Goddess Worship goes back at least as early as 25,000 BC, long before Patriarchal rulers and man-made and male dominated religions. (For more information on this and how it was changed by man, read My article titled Matriarchy.) There is also evidence of Matriarchy in which the Female was the head of the household. Also, the family name and lineage was handed down thru the Females of the family.

Some people might assume that Matriarchy only occurred in Amazon tribes (which we all know were ruled by Women), but Women had only become Amazons during the transition period when men tried to take over land and to rule over Women. Those male conquerors destroyed the Matriarch cities and Goddess Temples and the Women tried to defend against this violence by having to become fighters themselves. The Women who survived, but who did not stay behind to submit to man, would have been forced out of their cities into rural areas to form tribes, and barricade themselves from the violence of man. This of course did not stop the men from also attacking the Amazonian tribes. Whether it was the attraction of a city of Women, or the conquering of more land, the invading men would selfishly not stop until they conquered, stole, and destroyed everything around them.

What had it been like in a Matriarchal Society before the male conquerors invaded? Could Women have been just as selfish and violent? One would only assume that if they compared to Women of today. We cannot assume that those Matriarchal Women over 27,000 years ago were the same as Women nowadays. Today Women have been influenced for far too long by a patriarchal government, schooling, and male dominated religions which had replaced Goddess Worship. Since then Women have been prevented from practicing Goddess Worship, have been burned as Witches, are lectured not to form Sisterhoods, are warned not to listen to the influence of their Mother and Mother-in-law, and are educated by a school system that is controlled by a male dominated government. Up until the 1950's Women were manipulated to stay in the kitchen to cook for Her husband and to stay home to care for the home and family. That may have been 60 years ago but surprisingly that housewife still exists today. Although most Women are now in the workforce, those who are not single and living alone and independently (some single Women even balance a career while raising children on their own), many of the working Women who are married still rush home after work in time to cook dinner for their husband and children. So even though Women have more rights than they had in earlier patriarchal times, today there are still less Women in government than men, many countries will not allow Women to rule as President, most Women still get paid less than men who do the same job position, men still control religion and are head of the church, and many men still desire to be in charge of the home and marriage. In fact, the countries where Matriarchy had begun (now the Middle East) are now the most patriarchal of all countries. Women in the Middle East seem to have less rights than anywhere else in the world. Could it be that those eastern men realize their country used to be ruled by Women?

So what had a Matriarchal World really been like in ancient times? There are many books I have read which I can recommend to you which give a good analysis on Matriarchal Societies based on archeologists finds. (These books are listed in My other article titled Matriarchy). Since many ancient Goddess Temples and written records were destroyed by male conquerors, the evidence is sadly limiting, however, there is still a great number of documents, statues, artifacts, and ancient city ruins which were unearthed in the Middle East which do supply the archeologists with enough truthful evidence to base their theories on. Here are some of the basics I have learned about these ancient cities ruled by Women:

-Women ruled because they were worshipped and respected as the creators of life because they could create a new life within their own body, give birth to it, feed it with milk from Her own breasts, and raise and nurture it to grow to become an adult. In other words, Women were viewed as being "God".

-men were used to help create a new life within the Woman.

-Genealogy, family name was passed on thru the Females of the family. Matriarchal lineage.

-Women were the head of the household.

-men were not abused.

-men respected Women.

-There were rituals and festivals to celebrate the Goddess and a new birth.

-Harvesting was important since food meant survival.

-Many Women were Priestesses of the Great Goddess. Inanna, Ishtar, Astarte, Asherah, Nut, Au Set, Isis, Maat, Lilith, Demeter, Artemis, Diana (listed not necessarily in order of existence); one evolved into the next as surrounding countries adopted each others beliefs and renamed the Goddess.

Could bringing back Matriarchy save us all from man's destruction? It does not take much to come to the obvious conclusion that before selfish males conquered ancient Matriarchal cities and land, there had been peace and happiness. There is no evidence of war, violence, and destruction before then. Matriarchy's return might be the answer to all of today's problems. As I have stated above, Women have changed since Matriarchal times due to man's destructive and selfish influence, so it would take some time for Women to unlearn their bad habits of jealousy, scorn, and insecurities against other Women, and wrongfully allowing men to dominate them. But it is something we can accomplish if we all truly want a better world and we all put in an effort to achieve it.

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Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

Subject:Explanation of Money slavery, by Dr. Sue
Time:10:34 am.
Recently I had found an interesting article about Financial dominance by "Dr. Sue". It's 2 years old now but the discussion there is still going strong, so check it out! Dr. Sue says She is planning on writing a book about the concept and subject of financial slavery.
The link:
And here is also a text copy, in a case the article of the whole website goes off-line.

What is Financial Domination?

By Dr. Sue

Financial Domination comes from a deep need for a loss of control.  Financial Domination can be played in a myriad of ways but the main idea is a dominant woman seductively or harshly manipulating money from a submissive male.

For the submissive the idea of having a woman take money from him or manipulate him into a state of wanting to give money to her is incredibly erotic.  In some cases the submissive male even dreams of complete financial ruination.  This is extreme but has been done by many femme dommes in the past.  Usually Financial Domination just involves the taking or giving of money either on a scheduled basis, through coercion or blackmail, or just out of an intense need to give.

Now for those of you who are reading this thinking, “you’d have to be nuts to get off on that,” let me remind you that everyone has their own erotic fantasies however if you’ve ever taken a woman on a date, you’ve been financially dominated.  If you’ve ever been screwed over in a divorce, you’ve been financially dominated.  So don’t be too quick to judge.  For some it’s painful, for others it’s very hot.

This is another fetish that has an underlying current of humiliation as well, but again it depends on the individual.  To hear a woman laughing and telling you what a sucker you are can be very arousing.

Financial Domination can be done by phone, mail, live sessions or just about any way that’s imaginable.  Being a Sugar Daddy is a more controlled form of Financial Domination but usually involved sex.  The true fetish doesn’t involve sex at all because the dominant female wouldn’t dream of having sex with an unworthy submissive.  The fact that he’s giving to her is simply because he feels that he isn’t worthy of the money but she, being more powerful and beautiful, should be made to enjoy her life with his money but without any tangible benefit to him.  The mere fact that he has given the money is the benefit to him.

I use this metaphor a lot when I’m describing the feelings of the submissive in Financial Domination.  When you go to a Christian church there is a time in the service where the plate is passed around and every one gives money to help keep the church running.  No one there expects anything from that offering.  They certainly don’t expect the pastor to get down and say blow the congregation in gratitude.  (Lol that’s probably a whole other fetish.)  No, in fact you give because you WANT to, you want to make sure your church is there for you next week, that the pastor can eat for the week and the bills can be paid.  It’s the exact same thing with submissive men.  If it’s done correctly they look at the woman as a goddess, a deity.  To offer up money to their goddess is just the right thing to do.  Her life is ALL that matters.  As a submissive male you want to eat, sleep and breathe this woman.  She IS your religion.


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